1007 vs 1008

I have seen some guys setting both messages out for trimble devices.

  my question, does it make any diference in diferent devices or receivers?

 both 1007 and 1008 are antenna decrytors but 1008 gives antenna serial number.  in my opnion setting 1008 will work in all devices but i have seen some guys saying in some devices 1007 is necessary

any comments on that?

for trimble 1008 antenna descriptor will be ADVNULLANTENNA

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You mean “can be”. It could also be a Trimble or some other antenna that is known by the receiver. A high end Trimble base would unlikely send advnullantenna, my Novatel base does not but it works with Trimble.

One would assume that 1008 would be sufficient since it has all the info of 1007 and more. However, there are odd implementations e.g. to detect the RTK correction signal implementation details (deviation from the widely agreed interpretation of the standard). I’m broadcasting both 1007 and 1008 because I think Topcon AGI-4 needed the 1007. A long time since I’ve configured the base and I may well remember this wrong. Anyway, one never knows if some receiver needs the 1007 even if 1008 should be sufficient.

All depends on how the rovers program parses, some can handle extra messages, some cannot and will reject.

Best part of moving to F9P/Emlid is not dealing with Trimbles lock down anymore.

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