7 pin port ISO Standard 11786

Hi, this is how I use the 7 pin port on John Deere 6R.
I have a relay in the PCB box.
When the gap between the height of the rear lifter and the maximum height set is less than about 10 percentage points, the relay contact opens, and AOG stops marking the worked area.
For example:
if I set the maximum hight of rear lifter on 78% on John Deere command, while the hight of rear lifter remains less to about 70%, AOG will mark the worked area. While the hight of rear lifter remains more to about 70%, AOG will not mark the worked area.

Porta 7 pin

Screenshot 2021-04-10 16.33.51


PIN 4 to 86

PIN 7 to 85

87 and 70 to work switch.

I tried the same thing as you but my relay does not switch with 12v, I think the intensity is not sufficient … what type of relay do you use? (I have 12v at the top and 0v at the bottom)

“(I have 12v at the top and 0v at the bottom)”
What do you mean?

I use this relay.

Why do you need the relay? You should be able to connect directly to the PCB as the optocoupler has resistors to suit 12v normally.

Yes, i have done it without a relay on my Fendt. Pin 4 to workswitch pin and negative to negative from workswitch. Works fine.

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You say to connecti Pin 4 to D7 on Andreas Ortner PCB? I’ll try!

12v lift at the top and 0v lift at the bottom, on pins 4 and 7 of the iso socket (sorry for translation)
I have only 10ma, not enought for relay

Yes it work, but its dangerous if you have a problem with the power. If you use a relay or optocoupler lines are different, no risk.