Advice on where to start

So after researching I decided I might try with a very minimal setup to see if AOG will work for me.
I read on the github that I can buy a F9P for my laptop just to try a lightbar.

My question is which F9P model should I buy that will work with the micro v4 pcb down the line. I’m sure it says somewhere but I can’t find it on the wiki.

You need the micro f9p if your planning on using the v4 micro pcb.

If you want to build an AIO v4 micro then you will need a micro F9P with SMA connector and through holes.

You’ll notice that there’s no plugs on this F9P to plug into your laptop. You can order this small inexpensive PCB to connect the micro F9P to your laptop with a USB cable. You can use this same PCB to make a base station with a micro F9P later also.

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Info on which to buy is in the wiki, here: gps modules standard or micro · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards Wiki · GitHub

For lightbar use it’s the f9p STD is the one to go with.

Do I need an antennae also? Is there any preference as to which

annmb! simple and magnetic

if you want to equiped several machine purcharse more it is very cheap !

You’ll need an antenna of course. Lots of us are using the ANN-MB patch antenna and it works fine.