AG open gps and 9 or 11 sections

Hello everybody!

I a french student and also i work during my free time in a farm. I try to use AG Open GPS as a guidance systeme (autotrack for the futur) and now i want to try the section control. On the sprayer there are 9 sections but just 8 controlled by the algorythm on Github.
Can i add some lines on the arduino soft in order to control 9 sections .

Thanks a lot for informations !


Welcome Flavien. In my AOG there are 12 sections, maybe the latest version have more?
(look in vehicle settings)

If you put the word section in the search field (magnifying glass at upper right in discourse)
you get a lot of posts to read :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply !
I’m completely agree with you. But when you go to the .ino file for the arduino which control sections, there are only 8 pins defined. So i don’t Know how we Can controled 4 other available in AOG.

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There are no more free pins on the nano. There is a relay board and ino, in the support folder when you use win install for the AOG program.
It is controlled via i2c
Not sure if it works for the latest version of AOG and pcbv2 ino. Refer to Brian’s info about that.

Version 4 (comming soon) will support 16 sections, now there are 12.
The autosteer sentence contains only 1 section control byte: 8 sections, the section control sentence all sections and same more data.
The ino code should be redone too, as the whole io concept changes…
For testing there is ino code for Arduino nano or for esp32 that works for the actual version.
For the moment rate control is not working, and no timeline for redoing it.
The switches to put infos about sections back into aog are working with my ver 3 version.
The arduino code fits with the circuit of WEder, for the ESP32 code there is a PDF, of possible PIN layout.

GitHub for AgOpenGPS v3 with switch, section control INO code:

Video about switches for section control:

Possible PCB or circuit (3 years old…)

Thanks all for your reply !
I use an Arduino Uno so i have free pins, i must try to change code and use free pins.

I not really understand about hardware for 12 sectuons… If i want to use 12 sections, i must used 4 section control on the autotrack Arduino and an other Arduino on the section control com port for the 8 others?
Thanks a lot !

No the section control port/sentence does all. The sections byte was added to the autosteer sentence, as there was 1 byte left just forget it.
I don’t know if there is an actuel pgn list, either you could use my old one, or check the cource code of aog.

Ok thanks a lot for this informations !
I must try that.
So to conclued in AOG there is more of 8 sections (12) available but just 8 can worked. An 4 are usless ?

Thanks a lot, i try to understand :sweat_smile:

No you can use all 16 but you need a esp32 or Arduino specially for section control. The autosteer should not do it additionally

I understand. I use an arduino Mega for section control, so i have enought output to control my 9 sections. But if i have understood i must modify the . ino to use more than 8 section, correct ?