Agopengps on bed weeder

Hello everyone
We are currently using agopengps v5.2.2 on our tractors. We would also like to use it on a bed weeder.

Is it possible to control electric motors for the 2 left and 2 right wheels with agopengps?

Anything is possible, you might just have to write some code and figure out the motor drivers! I have no idea what kind of motors and steering system you’re taking about .

AoG does like to have a wheel angle sensor feedback. Also depending on your motor power, you might have to use a different motor driver, if it uses PWM then it’ll probably work, if it needs servo signal then you have to modify the code.

Here’s some ideas. Let’s say you have a main “speed” /voltage controller for all wheels. After that two pwm motor controllers (one left one right) controlled by Danfoss pwm setting in AOG. Danfoss setting has 2,5 V pwm going straight, so right controller is normal (more pwm =more speed. Left controller needs a device (that I don’t know) which invert pwm signal so less pwm comes out to left controller ads speed when pwm is reducing. I know this setup will result in only half speed when going straight, but a step up converter could cure that problem :slight_smile:

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Leave AOG the same. The mods would be in the arduino ino. Speed forward is constant center line. That is the default pwm for the motors. Steering is then simply a plus or minus applied to that value.

I don’t have any programming skills, I won’t be able to do it myself. So I will wait. Maybe one day someone will do it. Anyway, thank you for the answers.

Do you have the weeder, or are you building one?

If you have one how do you drive it now?

Currently we use a small and old one that we push manually. But we would like to build a new one with electric motors. And why not an autosteer with agopengps. We haven’t chosen any motors yet. Everything is open. We would like the simplest possible system.

Have you got a photo of the old one?

I think you start with how much power you need to move it (load and speed) first. Then work the motors out, driving it can be done but first what are we driving?

Is there a motor driven model you can use as a example?

I don’t have a picture with me. But we made a copy of the model on the picture.
No for the moment I don’t have an example but I’m thinking of making one for one to two people maximum.

Design food for thought.

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If that is what you made, all you need are two drive motors on a speed controller "throttle " , And a linear actuator
AOG will steer that.

The driver sets his speed, and AOG simply steers right and left. Not much different the a rear wheel drive tractor.

Thank you for the answer. You are right to direct the vehicle on the picture a linear actuator could do the trick. But we make a copy of this one and the 4 wheels are fixed. That’s why we want to control the motors for the left and the right.

Then yes, you will need some tweaking of the arduino code. What speed do you normally run?

Between 0 and 5 km/h. I think.

This may give you some more ideas

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