All in One PCB items out of stock

I am looking to order the all in one PCB and had a couple questions. It looks like you have to order 5 complete boards at a time is this correct? Not a big deal as I am planning on using at least 3 so the other 2 I can learn on.

Second, there seems to be a fair amount of items not in stock. What are the options/way to move forward on this?

I already have the Teensy4.1, Cytron MD13S, BNO085, wheel angle sensors, all the GPS items from Ardusimple.

My last item is really the all in one board but am unsure what to do about the out of stock items.

I think most of the missing items are headers. I had the same issue but then managed to get in on someone else’s order, saving myself this headache. Basically, everything that is missing is going to be available from another source. You have to go by the description. Digikey and mouser are sources

I am having the same issue, what concerns me are the surface mounted items, not sure I have the soldering skills to mount them myself. Is there a complete list of item I can do without if not using CANBUS or hydraulic valve? I cannot find list in any of the documentation in repository.

Another source is LCSC. It’s an easy source because the part numbers are the same, but shipping takes as long as the boards.

The parts not soldered by jlcpcb, you buy as through hole components and solder yourself. The AIO board can be made either with smt or THT or a mix of them. But put THT components on top side, even though they are named on bottom side. You might have to look a bit around, to find the holes as they ar not always beside the smt component.

Thanks for the help so far.

I created a spreadsheet of items not soldered by JLC (orange) and compared it to the BOM list(white) by designator to get the Manufacturer and LSC part numbers.

Unfortunately, some of the items are out of stock while others are actually discontinued. The items in red I did the best I could to find and exact replacement and ordered those in green next to it.

However, I forgot before I hit the order button was that the U901 in the Orange section I could not find in the BOM and forgot to look further into it so i did not find a manufacturer or part #. Could someone point me in the right direction for the U901 so i can get it on the way?

Thanks for all the help!

You dont want the part in U903 it’s only a 20P header, you need a 24P header, like this:

JLCPCB dont stock a 24P so make it from 20P+4P, which makes mounting the Teensy more difficult.

I see you’ve found a 20P replacement, in future you’re better of soldering it yourself with a 24P header.

U14,U16 and U17 you do not need if not using Canbus and Danfoss valve.

Teddy thanks for that info it is exactly what I was looking for.

I am hopefully using @baraki valves for the steering. Would that utilize the U14,16,17 then or no?

Also i accidently wrote the wrong designator first. It is the U901 that I did not see on the BOM. Do i need this and if so do you have the info where I might find them?

thanks for the info, as I understand what you are saying the board has the holes design for THT for all components, but no reference as to where they go on the board. Or it there a place on JLCPDB where I need to specify that I will be using THT and need the holes made.

If using the Baraki valve, you don’t need U901, U14, U16 or U17.

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All the holes are made already. The placement of tht is on the back of pcb.

Thank you for the explanation. Also is there a replacement for CN2 A2005HWV-2x3P? I looked in LCSC and it is discontinued. Would like to get from Digikey but not sure how to cross reference, not sure I need it, not using CANBUS or hydraulic valve.

Bottom of this page has a small box of suggested alternatives.

You definitely need that, it’s for the Teensy ethernet pins.

Thanks for all the help! Great info.

One thing to note here, When buying headers from different sources, make sure any headers being used to mount the SAME components to the PCB (ie an F9P) are from the same type… Alot have tiny differences, and can cause poor pin connections in one header when pins are bottomed out in others…