Another n00b, but in a wheelchair with unique questions

Hello everyone, new user here. I’m in a wheelchair due to a military injury and I’m considering purchasing a tractor (yanmar yt235c) to gain some independence back on my rural property. Due to my injury i have next to no use of my legs (I rely on a power wheelchair) but can use my hands for controls.

Been trying to find an accessible tractor solution for my limitations and I’ve found a company who can provide me a solution to physically get in/out of the tractor - but cant find a hand control conversion solution. Hopefully that’s where this group comes in…

Ideally I’m hoping this community can help me figure out a solution to put forward / reverse and steering controls onto a single aftermarket joystick, and bonus if a solution could be found for additional hydraulic controls be put on switches (aftermarket 3pt hydraulic top link, 3pt lift arm levelling, accy hydraulics, etc)

Tractor I’m looking at is a yanmar yt235c with a hydrostatic transmission, so both a forward and reverse accelerator pedal. From my limited poking around on here and youtube the steering should be easy enough to figure out, however, I’m completely lost on the forward reverse control end of things.

Tractor will primarily be used for lawn maintenance, brush maintenance and snowblowing. Secondary uses of gravel driveway maintenance, firewood movements, and just general tomfoolery.

Im also hoping to eventually have the ability for full autonomous driving while cutting grass, so I could sit back (in the tractor) and relax while its working a pre set route. I’m sure I’ll be interested in additional features as I get more familiar with the options agopengps has.

Applogies for any spelling errors, I’m typing this on a cell phone web browser.

this is just my suggestion
the simplest solution would be to install an electric linear actuator ( you could use an arduino via joystick to control this ) on the front and reverse pedals, and the brake pedal maybe an air actuator for faster response, because from what I understood in the video the tractor has three pedals: a forward, reverse and brake there is also a lever that locks the positions of the forward and reverse pedal

I linked the channel where the Autonomous tractor was shown