Any thoughts on the new simplertk2b-pro vs the simplertk2b?

Wondering for the purpose of AOG is there an advantage to the pro?
Ardusimple list these as improvements over the simplertk2B V3

Sounds like more of an updated design then a “Pro” model. I don’t think it makes a difference which one you use.

Looks interesting “RTX+INS-Sensorfusion”, but I found nothing documented what does that mean. The new board has Sparkfun Qwiic-Schnittstelle. Also the bno085 I thought, but nothing found regarding Sensorfusion?

simpleRTK2B Pro
Board der vierten Generation, aufgeladen mit Features. RTK+INS-Sensorfusionsoption.

I don’t see anything on the product page about an extra IMU and it’s the F9P module, so no IMU there either.

in smartphones, USB C is much more powerful than micro USB. for me it is a big plus.