Anyone willing to sell me a kit?

Newbie here. I know some basic python and some hours of college computer science classes under my belt. I understand the software portion of AOG, but not the hardware. Would anyone sell a pre-built kit for the hardware. or even just a full AOG unit? Really not wanting to cough up 1200 for a new crappy tee-jet GPS, but don’t have enough time or experience to put something together myself.

Perhaps this shop:

Is it legal or fair to sell Kits for AgOpenGps, just wondering because i made one for my Dad and me and now people in my community are really asking if i can sell them the kit. And basically most people around usually don’t even try to work with stuff like this. (Pcbs, electricals…) So they are just in on buying it if they can

I think the main cautionary tale is just because they can buy them, does not mean they will be happy with them. Think of how feature poor and mind numbingly simple commercial units are, I still have questions about setting them up constantly.

Blindly buying AOG, not learning or reading anything about it on the forum, not knowing basic windows concepts could be a recipe for a constant headache.

I have built built some AOG systems for local farmers I already have friendships with, but my criteria is can I drive to help them in a half hour, and do they actually have proper snacks and refreshments in their shop fridge.

You have to make them aware that the software is completely free, Its made by farmers just like them, and its worth it to learn about Ag technology and what they can accomplish. My acid test for true interest is make them just order the Tablet and GPS units themselves.

Just try it. You only have to assemble the parts and do your settings. AOG and this forum is blessing.