Ardusimple antenna offset

After installing the antenna centralised on the roof of tractor I’m finding I have to set a negative offset of over a meter to get it to match pass to pass on lightbar with float signal. Just wondering if this is normal as seems very for off?thanks

An incorrectly set WAS zero position can cause an offset. Check to make sure your WAS is working 100%.

It’s only lightbar guidance at the moment so no WAS. The accuracy is below 10cm but 2.4meters offset so requires 1.2m to correct the pass to pass distance

And you have the machine offset set to 0? Some mistakenly enter the working width there.

Yes machine set to 0 offset,if it works fine with the offset corrected il be happy just can’t understand why it’s so far off,unless iv missed something

Which Ardusimple is it? If you have the receiver on float, how can you claim it runs at below 10 cm accuracy? Perhaps you should just solve the issue that keeps the receiver not gaining an RTK fix.

It’s rtk2b using ntrip through rtk2go,I’m in the process of building my own base at the moment but currently not finished. I have a field which was drilled using Trimble rtk which I know is exactly 24 meters so whilst testing following those tramlines the lightbar will stay bang on one direction but always the same 2.4meters off going opposite direction then back to bang on again next pass. When I put in an offset of 1.2 meters it is then good both directions

Sounds odd. Perhaps one or both base stations have inaccurate coordinates?

I’ve never had 10 cm continuous accuracy from any rover in float mode, you must be lucky or very clever, probably the latter.

Update,today I removed the antenna and built a new mount on cab as was unsure about first one. Rechecked all settings and now offset is 0 and works perfect,90% time less than 10cm with odd jump to 15cm so happy for now until my base station is working. Thanks everyone :+1: