Ardusimple Ntrip Master set up

Sorry to be still asking set up questions - one day soon I hope I will be able to help and answer other’s queries!
Today I have been trying to set up the Ntrip master. Followed the ‘getting started’ instructions on the Ntrip Master GitHub, and think I am connecting the wifi correctly and then fill in the Ntrip server section with rtk2go details and mount point etc and submit, but no sign of my mountpoint in the snip caster table . Once connected through the xbee wifi, and added my own wifi and password, it states I should be able to view and configure the rest using the ip address that the router has assigned, but when I enter this it can’t find it?
I guess I’m missing some setup details - could some one who has successfully done this give some pointers please, on what to fill in, and where?
Thank you

Are you registered to RTK2GO user?

If you can’t access to the xbee by the ip adress given by your router it should a wrong wifi config

You still should be able to access it through it’s own wifi hotspot or did you disable that?

Thank you for the help

Yes, I have a registered mount at rtk2go which works perfectly when using a laptop to set off the serial stream in SNIP

I mange to access the Xbee’s own wifi and get the set up screens. Then add my own wifi and submit that as per instructions, but when I put the ip address given by my router it just says ‘hmmm… can’t find that address’

I have been able to make it work where I can see the wifi master after setting my info up in it. Make sure the static IP button wasn’t turned on with other IP settings. I view it from my phone, never tried it from computer. Not sure what else, did you update the xbee

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I seem to have got mine working on RTK2go. As Curt says, it won’t work if you accidentally select static IP.

Thankyou both - I will check that next time I have time to give it a go

So im wanting to hookup ardusimple rtktb with heading to AOG. Plan to use the ethernet UDP system. can Ardusimple’s WIFI ntrip master send out NMEA to the UDP network?? If not how is the best way that others have done it? UART To ethernet converter with ethernet cable to router? Appreciate your experience.