Ardusimple rtk2b, Snip in Poland

I would like to buy an RTK receiver and if I understood correctly, for example, such a set should be ok .:

The question is whether SNIP will work for me in Poland? Will I get enough precision with such a set and appropriate configuration?

RTK works around the world as long as the base and rover are close enough <30 km…

Accuracy on RTK is something like ±1 cm + 1 ppm. So on a 30 km baseline it will be something like ±4 cm 99% or 95% of the time. Good enough for plenty of farm work.

Sometimes one can get a RTK fix much further away, but accuracy gets worse. And on a bad “satellite weather” U just get Float if the distance to base is too long. Float accuracy is in my experience about equal to EGNOS / WAAS accuracy some ± 0,5 - 1 m horizontal. “Pass to pass” or “short term” a bit better.

SNIP caster is on the internet. Anyone that has user rights to it can pull a correction stream from it. But a RTK stream from Japan is of no use in Krakow… You can set up your own SNIP caster or use the free caster.

I so far have only one F9P board. Been testing it alongside an old but which once has been “high end” Trimble NetR5 that I use on my RTK NTRIP base on my farm. Precision on F9P is great. Only issue is that using it as base for non U- Blox rovers (like a Trimble CFX-750) has some limitations but is also doable. But as a base and rover combination (both are U-Blox F9P) it must be great.

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Thanks for the help, so I order 2 ardusimple cards, one on the base and the other for the rover. I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to configure it all so that patches go online …

If you’re planning to transmit corrections through internet, you don’t need those xbee radio modules included in that kit. But if not using internet, those LR radio modules can transmit corrections to the distance of few kilometers when there is no obstacles between the base and the rover.

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Initially, I was decided on radio modules, but I have fields in small, several hectare pieces separated by forests, the furthest are 10km from home. I’m afraid there would be a problem with coverage. Unless to move the base station between fields but I don’t know if it’s practical …

It all depends.

My base antenna is too far from house. I Wanted to get Base Antenna with really good sky view. It is too far from my offfive for wifi. So I had to take a new data sim for it. Some 13 € per month for 20 MB umlimitted connection. Plenty good for NTRIP and VNC or Remote Desktop to base PC & Receiver.

I’m also providing RTK corrections for couple neighbours for a small pay so the data price it is OK.

For my rovers I use my own LTE phoone unlimited data + for anorher rower have a " mini data" type 128 kB/s SIM for about 2 € /month. It is plenty fast for NTRIP. I think it is reasonable. PrePay data sim would also be possible.

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I don’t know how good your technical experience is, but I would suggest you to buy this:
for the basestation. It is only important to have Internet on the tractor to receive the signal.

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If you have internet on mobile phone ,an workin in field , by one or two

and by 2

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At ardusimple, I ordered:
2 pieces of it

2 pieces

1 pieces

Is it enough to build a base and 1 rover?

Looks like you ordered 2 gps units and 2 antennas but only one wifi ntrip master. That will be enough if you are going to use something like AOG as your ntrip client in tractor. You can also use a ntrip master as a client in tractor if you are not hooked to AOG, like for other projects, but then you would need a second one

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I connected and configured f9p as a base and got stuck. I don’t know how to configure snip :frowning:
I registered in rtk2go, downloaded snip and installed but I have no idea how to set it up. Please help or suggestions for some good tutorial


If you use wifi ntrip master you don’t need snip. Just log into wifi ntrip master and set your ntrip server.
Or maybe you were not planning on using wifi ntrip master on your base.

I’m trying to connect xbee master but I can’t do it. From rt2go I got this data by email:
Subject: Registering the mountPt Baraki

Dear GNSS Base Station Owner;
A Reservation request with the below details for the SNIP Caster residing at has just been made using your email address.

Please confirm that you requested this action with a “reply all” to the above address. The registration below will then be processed and the details with the log-in credentials returned to your email address for use. There are no costs or fees to use the RTK2go public NTRIP Caster.

Requested MountPt Name: Baraki
Requested Password: [ shalom4all ] (one will be provided if needed)
Logon User Name: [] (this is used only with NTRIP Rev2)
Msg Format: Auto Parse (default)
NTRIP Connection Rev: NTRIP Rev1
So what should I type in xbee?

Do you have xbee hooked up to wifi yet?wifi

Yes, I have no problem with that.

I also have it on my ESP32 … :sunglasses:

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Ok the reason I was wondering is on mine once I have it hooked up to wifi I can log into it with a local ip address (the one the router gives it) and yours your logged in on the .

Managed to! I have rtk on rover. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Thank you all for your help.
Now it has been merged with AG.

my first post here.
How is your final setup?
Do you have client and server NTRIP?
I’m trying to manage my first setup and I’m interested to have RTK on my tractor.
Do I need setup like Yours or do I have to buy more wifi ntrip modules?
which one combination is enogh?
2 gps units and 2 antennas, one wifi ntrip master
2 gps units and 2 antennas, 2 wifi ntrip master?

I have tried different configurations, it is not easy the first time. The easiest way to buy the LR kit is simply plug it in and work right away.