Ardusimple to RTK2go problems


I am trying to get my Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B base station to NTRIP to RTK2go and am needing some help. I am using the Wifi Master cards to connect. It seems to be sending some data, but is not showing that it is sending RTCM data. I recently updated the ZED-F9P board to 1.32 firmware and used the base configuration file from Ardusimple. Only change I made was to the TMODE3. I set it to fixed mode and used the fixed position coordinates I got from running a 24 hour PPP scan. While connected to U-Center I can see RTCM data on the packet viewer. When I check the status on RTK2 go here is what it shows…


Any ideas why the RTCM data is not coming through? I have the RTCM 1005, 1074,1084,1094,1230 enabled on UART2 and USB. Also wanted to mention that I have used these boards since 2020 with a XBEE radio connection and have had good luck.

Thank you

I don’t understand much of it, but try asking a question on ChatGPT, sometimes they give good clues.

Are things still working with the XBee radios after you updated the firmware and base configuration?

Just to be clear, here’s his base station set up:

F9P uart2 RTCM → Ardusimple WifiMaster → wifi →

The F9P is configured to output the RTCMv3 messages over uart2, and I assume the Wifi Master is configured with the right NTRIP information. And RTK2Go is receiving data, but it cannot understand the data.

In my experience when data is flowing but it’s not understood, this is a baud rate mismatch. Is the baud rate on uart2 what the Wifi Master is expecting? Would be worth double checking it. Set the F9P UART2 port to 115200, and set the WifiMaster to 115200 also.

And like I said before, put your XBee units back in and make sure it’s working there.