Base distance and RTK accuracy

Hello all,

where I live we have a free ntrip correction service by the government, this is the location map: FLEPOS - Sensorkaart
I live at a point roughly in between two nearby bases, both at a distance of 15 km and I use the virtual ‘multiple base’ mountpoint (VRS) they offer, which is assumed to be better than only using the one nearest base (NRS).

So far I was convinced that RTK fix means <2 cm accuracy, no matter how far from a base station you are. However I hear left and right that it is not so simple. Accuracy does vary and in some cases with a far away base RTK fix can be achieved without <2cm guarantee?

If so, can someone give an idea of: the added benefit in terms of fix centimeter accuracy (F9P dual-band all constellations) of:
-a very close-by base station (<1km)
in comparison to
-e.g. a single base at e.g. 15+ km or
-e.g. VRS with multiple bases with a minimum base distance of 15 km?

I thought it was something like 1mm per 1 km of distance from base for a horizontal accuracy and more for vertical. Could be different if you are in the middle of base stations and depends on how they are setup, whether they are individuals or virtual and also depends on stream you are getting from them because it could be off one station or the virtual group.

I don´t know if this fits into this category, but stumbled across this video today.

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