Base, using PoE?

I am ordering raspberry pi 3 B+ and I’am thinking of powering base with PoE. Is the ardusimple powered true usb from raspberry pi? I am thinking of buying PoE hat for raspberry so there would not be eny extra power outputs for ardusimple.

Thats correct. Ardusimple is getting the power thru the USB port on the Raspberry

See here for a good description:

I have a base that runs via POE and it has run fine the last 2 years.

Be aware of the difference of active and passive POE when you are ordering.

I using active POE since if i connect wrong HW to it, it does not destroy the it.

This one do i use on my Rpi

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Yeah the key words are 802.3af or 802.3at. Most POE switches support these standards. There are also adapters that can convert 802.3af to 24V passive POE if you need that, say for an older Ubiquity piece of hardware.

Am I the only one that finds all the AliExpress links on this site take me to the netherlands version of AilExpress in dutch? Very odd. Sometimes it’s hard to convince AilExpress to go back to Canadianese.

When some people share Ali links, it includes their language. I think it’s a matter of using their “share” link instead of copy paste the URL but I feel your pain :rofl:

Unless I’m mistaken, @Bullhill is in Norway. So dunno why the link ended up localized to the Netherlands.

The server that host discourse is located in Netherlands, i think its the server that rewrite AliExpress links to dutch

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