BNO080 on agopengps version 4.3.10

Is it possible to use the BNO080 ( GY BNO080 BNO085 Ar Vr Imu Hoge Precisie Negen As 9DOF Ahrs Sensor Module|Vervangende onderdelen en toebehoren| - AliExpress ) on a older version agopengps, such as 4.3.10?

my colleagues bought this BNO 080 board from China.
Overall, it works positively, but you need to check what it reads in the arduino code, game rotation or vertical. But the price you have is even more expensive than sparkfun or adafruit board.

Can you share some links to the other ones

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Thank you very much

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I am using the Aliexpress board seems good, they are basically all the same price.

I been reading on the forum, and as i understand it the bno080 directly plugs in to the V2 board where the MMA was. Still waiting for the bno to arrive and just wanna make sure i dont fry something.

The Ali bno080 does not directly plug into the v2 board, but this is a good thing. The only connections needed are 5v, gnd, sda, and scl. I connected it through a small wiring harness that allows it to be moved inside the enclosure that the board mounted in. Its just stuck in with a piece of Velcro tape, currently sitting on top of the nano but could be stuck to any part of the housing to change orientation.


The V2 bno board connections reading left to right, with the board oriented with the cytron at the top are.

1 left pad gnd
2 not used
3 not used
6 right pad 5v+

Thank you, i will try it as soon as it arrives. Does it have an orientacion? Do i need to put the tractor on a flat surface and then mount the bno according to its output?

Yes its best to lay flat especially side to side. The xyz directions are silk screened on the bottom of the board.

If you are boxing your circuit board there are many surfaces to stick it too, So far it seems to work in the aluminum enclosure. I just have wiring left on the tractor left, and I can take the 080 and 5.2 out for a test drive.

Does it have to be square? As in X/Y axis inline with vehicle X/Y?

Square within reason, the bno determines direction as the gps is a bit confused in a turn. It also determines the side to side tilt of the tractor.

You should be able to eyeball it parallel to direction of travel easy enough, no need for alignment lasers

I was super lucky and was able to build a little shelf to hold the enclosure square and level in relation to the rear axle.