Bno085 in stock now be fast

Ardafruit has 120.bno085 in stock now be fast.
And order asap.

Just posted lol 110 units down to 30

I got 5 of anyone needs

26 units left 1416mst

Out of stock now at 1430mst

That was fast

again available…

Just got a few now, they must be catching up with the supply. Says they have 90 in stock

Do you have a link?

Good Morning. I found this seller on aliexpress with a lot of orders from bno085. Did anyone buy from him? Will they be real?

But out of stock again. :fearful::fearful:

I tried also, but they hqve no stock. Order will be canceld

Digikey have some in stock, at least for canada.

I got a stock notification the other day, and by that evening they were gone. I decided to just place an order and when one comes in it will ship for me. Might be a tactic worth thinking about.

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This is happening a lot. It’s the way I am ordering all my supplies right now. It has a separate shipping cost, but at least you have your parts.

497 back in stock at adafruit today


Awesome thanks! I’ve been waiting for a year for 1 from mouser, when I checked it said zero in stock at digikey but I ordered anyways and they shipped this morning