Box for electronic

Hi. I am currently planning … I would like to put my electronic components in a self-made box (3D printing), also the IBT2 because it even has a heat sink, which raises the question of heat development. Should the box have ventilation slots or even a fan?

I think the heatsink should be on the outside of the box. IMHO the box itself needs to be dustproof.

Could you use the Cytron motor driver? At least mine does not get hot, hardly a bit warm. No heatsink.

It seems you already have ibt_2, so make one of the sides so a flat metal bar can fit and be the heatsink. I have a metal box, took heatsink off and bolted ibt_2 to side with 3 mm metal shim between side and ibt_2. Also added heat paste which was NOT there from factory. For hydraulic I don’t think heatsink is necessary.

What is the benefit of a self made 3D printed electronic box in your eyes? I have the ibt2 and the heat sink inside the (buyed) box. I use a 24V motor with 24V. The use of heat paste is said to be useful.

I’ve never used IBT2, so I don’t know how much it actually heats, but I wouldn’t leave the vents or install a fan, it will fill your box with dust.

I run the ibt @12V without heatsink. Till now i have no problems with it. Yesterday i touched it several times to check, but after 6 hours of steering i can’t recognize heat on it. On the contrary, it was cold.