By Farmers, For Farmers

Got a funny for you.

I’m doing some work with a bunch of farms in the fens of rural Lincolnshire and was chatting to one of the guys about guidance systems.

“I do livestock”, he tells me whilst standing outside his barn of very vocal pigs, “You need to speak to my brother, he’s got fields over two miles long and can tell you stories about trying to keep a straight line. We used to have competitions and no matter how good you thought you were, when you looked back….”

Then came the punchline…

“So he got one of these GPS systems installed. It’s great, holds a good line, but you can’t fall asleep at the wheel because these things can’t u-turn and so, if you do fall asleep, you can end up in the river. You should ask my brother about that.”

Told him about AOG and his eyes lit up. Have emailed him some links to some AOG vids, (Brian’s “Agrabot Rolling and Seeding” is one of my favourites) and will offer to install them for free (cost) to him and his mates. We do each other favours and AOG is a really nice / useful thing I can do for them as a bit of a thanks.

My guess is that fairly soon, AOG will have quite a gathering in rural Lincolnshire :slight_smile:

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When my eye lids got heavy I used the raise funtion to trigger a backup alarm this seeding season. Worked good especially for long fields. The only thing is you have to remember to turn it on before you get tired :wink:.

I find Farmers are in the “want to try, but don’t want to build the hardware” or “think its less effective because its not from the dealer” categories.

There are enough youtube videos of AOG making intensely straight lines now, the steering quality is hard to miss.

Literally its worth the time to build the hardware, and not use the dealers. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


The guys around here tend to be sceptical, “you get what you for” mentality, but there are a couple who are open minded and are asking for a demo.

I’ll shake their scepticism once I’ve ironed out a couple of wrinkles.

And I had never considered how mind-numbingly boring it must be to try to drive a straight line in a slow vehicle over long distances!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I also have some very interested here in my area (winter work :grin: )