Can a single circuit board be used for dual antennas?

can i use this circuit board for dual antenna?
simpleRTK3B Heading - ArduSimple

I want to install this system for the first time. i am a beginner. And one more question, does using dual antennas mean getting more precise location information?

The board you linked isn’t a board that we typically use. Search instead for the Rtk2b board which features a Ublox F9P receiver and a single antenna per receiver.

The receiver you linked has functionality that is similar to the dual receiver F9P setups that many use. You can definitely use that board for a dual setup but you will be no going into unexplored territory and will have to figure some things out on your own.

If you have a single receiver and it’s not moving then it’s not possible to determine which direction the tractor is facing, and with one receiver you can’t determine if the tractor is tiling sideways on a side hill. On single receiver setups we read the side hill with an IMU and we determine direction by calculating fix-to-fix while moving and blend it with the IMU. Precisely blending the GPS data with the IMU data is challenging and imperfect (although has gotten heaps better recently and is really good).

With a dual receiver you don’t need an IMU. You can directly read heading and tilt.

For greater than 4 miles per hour work and always moving forward there isn’t much difference in performance between single+imu and dual. Below 4 mph or when frequently backing up the dual setup has better performance.


thank you very much. descriptive answer.
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