CMPS14 Compass

I sent it! Did you get it?

Have you got the fusion set to 100% imu? I run 80% imu and 20% fix

Yes, this is important or it takes way too long to fuse to the proper heading. Especially true when going around a corner as the heading from fix is leading the actual heading from the imu because the antenna is ahead of the pivot wheels.

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v5 is fully compatible with any board made - just not the old bno055 and MMA inclinometer. Still works on my version 0.00000 board as i used the imu connected to a nano and serial connection to AgIO

iam using a Arduino Nano with a cmps14 and AOG v5.6
can someone please send me an ino code ? ( including all necessarry liberies )

all the versions above are not possible to download anymore.

Thank you in advance

In supportfiles zip

Hello. Would Adafruit LSM6DSOX + LIS3MDL - Precision 9 DoF IMU [STEMMA QT / Qwiic] : ID 4517 : $19.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits this imu board be interchangeable with Cmps14 or Bno085? Price is good and maker ir reputable :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Which is the recommended IMU for new builds? The Cmps14 or the Bno085? I would like to use it as a stand alone unit with UDP by cable or ESP32. Any recommendations?

The BNO085 is recommended for new builds. The CMPS has a compass (magnetometer) which is subject to interference from other electronic devices.

The BNO085 is still out of stock at most vendors. Most vendors said they would get stock sometime in September/October. If you want to purchase one you could look for vendors now and save them to your bookmarks so that they are easy to check. Sign up for email notification of stock if you can.

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The cmps14 uses a bno085 chip. The magnometer is part of the bno085 chip. The chip on the cmps14 is stuck in a mode which uses the magnometer as well as accelerometers to work out heading. The other bno085 boards can be configured to just use the accelerometers without the magnometer.

For choice I would have just got adafruit bno085 boards, but then they were about £16. Now availability seems to be the biggest issue.

I haven’t had an issue with my cmps14 IMUs inside metal framed cabs. However my father did have issues occasionally while spraying where the system suddenly heading off the tramline momentarily. The bizarre thing is that cmps14 is mounted in a plastic box, stuck on top of a fibreglass tank.