CMPS14 vs Dual Antenna

Just need a quick opinion…Looking to upgrade to either dual f9p antenna heading or Cmps14. Dont need roll so much as I do fused heading for sitting still/slow operations. Have PCB V2, f9p gps RTK via NTRIP, using USB running version 5 lego of AOG currently. From experience which system has proven more worthy?? Want to upgrade now and looking into both options.

Unless you already have a cmps14 laying around you wont get one anytime soon it seems, out of stock everywhere, f9ps are still easily got.

I have a cmps14 on order but wondering if dual antenna is a more rock steady option ??

The new PANDA fusion of Bno085 or Cmps 14 and F9P(Cmps14 is the same just in a different packaged board) seems very stable.

But it also requires a teensy 4.0 / 4.1 with the ethernet kit.

By the time you get your IMU it will probably be highest performance, @Vili project looks like it its very promising.

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Im gonna go IMU route seems this is where the project is headed anyways. Thanks!