Creating Vehicle database for AOG


I need the help of this community.

My idea is to create a Vehicle database.
This could be implented in AOG so new users and old could select a vehicle for start.

I was thinking about filtering per brand and type and with steering method like canbus, hydraulic and steermotor.

So my question to the community is:

If you have a AOG tractor that runs smooth and all the tunning has been done.

Please send me a email with your Vehicle file from Documents\AgOpenGPS\Vehicles

Besure to tell what kind of steering method it is:

I hope all of you will help building this database so that we all have a profit from it.

Send your mail to



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Hi Raycorp
I love your idea and i will send mine in few days; but it must be complete with the model of motor steering, the different gears and config of this motor in case of steermotor; some pictures should be help someone…
Have a good day Michel

Hi Michel

The more info the better database we can make.

Thank you