Custom pcb

Any room for the cytron as well?

With smd components i think yes

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Did you draw it in KiCad or Eagle? If so, do you want to share the dev-files?

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I use easyeda i need check export format

That’s also fine. I’ll have an account there.

i can share source and u will can modify if needed i dont have problem with this ^^ help is good
how u want i share to u

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An other idea for more room is place components in the top and bottom layer and 4 layer pcb.

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With smd yes its possible

very nice design! Did you test this version yet?
Do you have gerber files so the pcb can can be ordered?

Nice wiring loom can be made with this pcb!

i wait new pcb come from jlcpcb and test it but i have tested with wire before order and it works fine. in theory, even if i forgot some in my new design, it will be ok. bye bbye usb wire and welcome bluetooth.
for gerber i will share it when im sure its works fine.

How much space there is on top of the pcb in the height direction?

20 mm

Today I came across this H-driver:

With that one on the PCB it would be possible to have it all in one (at least for hydraulic valve driving) the chip has 4,5 A as max.
It also has inbuild deadband protection.


Yes i will check . Thanks for link good Idea

The onboard Usb ports are connected to the main connector with d+ and d-

Do you have problems with this design ?

For usb you need usb connector or is it possible to use other connectors without sheild ?

Main connector have 2 d+ d- for the two USB port. For moment dont got any problem with USB but i use shielded wire between main connector and computer. Also, on pcb u Can solder wire directly in place if USB connector.

In the next version, you can add mini pcie connector for simplertk2b-mpcie. The 3.3V with LM1117.

You can add an usb hub chip like HS8836A. So you can use one single D+ and D- in the connector.

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will try replace nano for another thing who can have some i/o

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I look forward to seeing that this project is working very well. I hope it will be successful.

can i use this design too??