Driving in reverse

Hello, Can you tell me if it is possible to guide in reverse with AOG and if so, how should it be done? Thank you

Actually not possible.

I guess it’s for a reverse post. Won’t that work just by creating a combine mode setup? (just an idea, I’m not claiming that it works) the antenna to be moved can be …

Hi , no , sorry for my bad english ! . its for drive the tractor when I engage reverse gear . undurstand ? . I m in V5.15 . thanks

With dual GPS, driving in reverse just works as is. If the implement is set up as a swinging hitch implement, then the tractor will simply push the implement in reverse on the screen until it jackknifes. But this may or may not match what’s really happening to the machine. With a single GPS, detecting driving in reverse is really hard.

Ha ! ok , As AOG is really very complete, I thought this option easily included. I regret a little because very useful in online cultures with worn tools, but, seeing all the research that is done on AOG, this option must already be studied, unless it has already been carried out. Besides, I think it’s not easy to do …

EDIT: according to another current topic, you can manually reverse direction by pressing the tractor itself in AOG. So all you have to do is press the tractor, then back up and it should do the right thing. See Grafik issue/bug - #4 by pniels

I believe AOG does make an attempt to automatically figure out whether you’re going forward or reverse. But if it ever gets it wrong, it seems that you can just press the tractor on the display to turn it the right way round.