Dual again or single PANDA?

Evening all,

Am looking to build another setup in another tractor from scratch, currently have a PCBV2 based setup in my 6630 with a hydraforce valve, and a Dual F9P setup using a dual PCB with tonybasics ESP code…All talking over ethernet / UDP.

So my question is, what are peoples general thoughts now on running Dual, or just a Single GPS reciever with BNO and Panda setup? I find I have to use “Dual as IMU” currently to keep things under control on sidehills (which is great), but then loose alot of the old benefits I got from dual (no reverse detection problems etc)…so wondering if id actually loose out alot just sticking with a single, would also mean simpler installer in center, and of course, a bit cheaper…


Also, It seems the general swing is towards the new “All in one” PCB now… Personally I quite enjoy having the GPS reciever as a seperate “device”, and all just talking over ethernet… Is there a soution to use a dual + BNO / Panda setup remotely over ethernet at the moment and just use the AIO board for the autosteer, or is the aim to really have everything on one board and make that the norm?

I guess the reason I liked it, is the GPS board needs to be up near the roof, for antenna cables, and the autosteer board for me is better down in the cab, where its close to the valve / WAS etc etc… Much easier to run a single POE ethernet cable up to the remote GPS board than it is to have to mount the AIO board up there and all the cables up to that…

Again, any thoughts?

Single GPS should be fine but you must keep the BNO low like beside the seat, up high there is too much wobbling and roll is not correct. So that means the box is not on the roof. Antenna on the roof, BNO on the floor.

If you really want GPS box on the roof I would use a dual setup myself. But I would trust a single ublox more over dual ublox any day haha.

You can run GPS and autosteer as separate controllers no problem there.

That’s my 2cents

How are people managing keeping the BNO low and the antennas on the roof with the all in one board, just extending the antenna cables (didnt like to do that ideally?)…

The thing with using seperate controllers is from what I understand, the new AIO board allows for the BNO as backup if the dual looses some signal for heading? Which wouldnt be possible with existing dual setups, and also as they use the ESP and not teensy boards…

Also, is there going to be an issue using the default teensy AIO board code if only using it for an autosteer board and not GPS also?

I think what you have above the cockpit is just the antenna, the f9p is in the all-in-one box, which can be under the seat, connected to the antenna with the coaxial cable (5m on ANT-MB-00)

That standard AIO code can do GPS only or autosteer only so that won’t matter. It must have ADS1115 for autosteer and a GPS receiver for GPS.

I’m not sure if the BNO with dual for under trees etc is a good idea or not.

I think you should definitely try the single antenna option, only one way to find out is use it yourself.