Dual Antenna (MTZ8302)

I was thinking about implementing the code for the dual antenna into the AOG desktop software, and we can enable it with a button like other features.
What do you think about it?

I would love it.

But I think there was a video call where they said the code should be outside aog so it is manufacturer independent.

Maybe one option would be to build a separate app (like rate control of sk21).
It would take the two ublox data streams and sent out a paogi via internal UDP.

I think that is a good idea as well, but maybe better solution is to make a serial port and send data to the GPS serial port in AOG.

I played with the UDP and it worked really nice. Brian also implemented some kind of interapp connection but if haven’t looked at it closer.

ok, now got RTK fix with Ethernet and Matthias beta ver!. Just delete the Serial1.println(); after for (…) cycle in file zAOG_Network.ino:
It should look like this:

//Serial1.println(); //really send data from UART buffer
NtripDataTime = millis();
} // end of Packet

P.S. Thanks to cooperation with Darren Lobb!

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Combination of you noticing something I had changed, and then me noticing the wireshark string didn’t match the serial output string, we knew something was getting added! Then the println was obvious!

Thanks @alexbrooy for help also as probably would still be staring at it right now otherwise!

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