Dual Antenna vs. IMU

Hello, like to talk about the Pro and cons of having an Imu or dual Antenna. What heading is more accurate? The same Question is for roll compensation. Would be helpful for me and maybe others how don’t know where to go. Currently i have dual Antenna. But I Think about to give the CMPS14 a Chance.
What are the thoughts about this?

Interested in your reason for going single from dual?

I’ve never tried dual but it is frequently said it’s better.

The cmps14 is apparently very good from what everyone says, but to outperform dual will be a tall order. I believe with roll and heading calculations at 8hz going to esp32, the chance of any lag is mostly eliminated, the way I see it.
I’m sure single with cmps is a sound setup, but if you already have dual, I doubt you will see any improvement by switching from it.

Yes i understand. But i always wondered, when the antenna are 120cm away from each other (in my case) And each Antenna has an acuracy of 1-2 cm than this can make in worstcase like 4cm on 120cm with Tangens this would be 1.9 degree. Thats why i thought cmps maybe do a better Job. Also roll compensation, I mean its pretty awesome to calculated roll via the hight, but I am not Sure whats more accurate.
I mean my Setup is completely UDP, I will simply give it a try with a second Nano with UDP easy to implement external.

I wonder too about the accuracy of roll on dual antenna. If you try it with a imu, keep us updated. I would be interested!


According to Ardusimple, for tilt compensation 2 F9P is better than IMU.

But for 2 F9P use, they also proposed their their most expensive product :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hello, I had some starting Problems with GGA and VTG Sentence. Anyway it worked out. I have compared Dual GPS and Imu(cmps14) with same settings and same AB curves. I really have to say its hard to say which one is better. I would say you can go each way. There are maybe other disadvantages like mounting an dual Antenna vs Single or placing the CMPS14 in the right place. But in the end when the heading is stable and roll is good, there is no difference.
Regards, Peter

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