Dual GPS Esp32 with C099-F9P

Ive purchased three C099-F9P application boards made by Ublox. These were easy to get through digikey. I am going to use one as a base and the other two for a dual gps to get heading as MTZ8302 has done. I am stumped at the moment as I cannot figure out how to access tx2 and rx2 on these boards. Here is a link to their documents. https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/C099-F9P-AppBoard-Mbed-OS3-FW_UserGuide_(UBX-18063024).pdf . Has anybody else had any experience with these? They seem to be a great unit.

From what i can dig up it looks like
RX1= Header J8-C pin 4 (labeled SPI Mosi) f9p pin 43
TX1= Header J8-C pin 5 (labeled SPI MISO) f9p pin42

RX2= Header J9-D Pin 1 (labeled RXD ZED) f9p pin 26
TX2= Header J9-D Pin 2 (labeled TXD ZED) f9p pin 27
Not sure if I am correct

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C099-F9P is discussed in:

There is also a picture: “Showing the u-center screens for the ports on the Base and Rover.”

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Perfect! Thanks esoumala!

So this is the info for anybody else looking. The board printing and documents are very hard to see.

RX1= Header J9-D Pin 1 (labeled RXD_ZED)
TX1= Header J9-D Pin 2 (labeled TXD_ZED)

TX2= Header J3-B Pin 1 (labeled DCS_TXD)
RX2= Header J3-B Pin 2 (labeled DCS_RXD)

Did you get it working. I just ordered some esp32 modules and am planning to do a dual antenna setup as well. Was about to order ardusimple boards but I have some c099 boards already.

Hi it work good

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