Dual GPS vs RTK Setup

As of today, I have 2 simpleRTK2B. The dilemma I’m facing is like the topic states. Here in Norway there is no free RTK system to use, and the price for the service is the same price as 2 simpleRTK boards. So what should i do? I do not need 1 cm accuracy, at this moment I’m driving the tractor manually and use it for fertilizer and spraying.

So what do you recommend?

  • Use dual gps without RTK?
  • Use the one simpleRTK board as Base, and use compass like BNO085 or CMPS14, which I also own. (But last time i use the compass without the RTK, the heading was unstable)
  • Buy an aditional board to use as a base for RTK, together with dual gps setup.

This one. Autosteer will not work good without RTK.
It is theorized that single with imu is better then dual for sure better then dual without RTK.

One simple rtk at traktor and one simple rtk as base. You do NOT even need any IMU to do autosteer.

I have been seeding with single F9p and no IMU, so autosteer does work that way. Just remember to adjust line when returning to field after a coffee break :wink:

Single F9p without RTK ? I never achieved great accuracy with it good enough for fertilizer and spraying not for seeding. Do you use better antenna?

The easy way to get corrections is buy an Emlid M2/RS2 and use it as a base, then take advantage of their free caster service they provide from your home internet connection. Then you can get corrections over your phone hotspot, without having to get your own static ip.

Use a local base you set up on a tripod or fence post using data radios.

Or get a static ip sim and modem

Or use a virtual static ip service

Getting corrections is just moving data, there are many ways to move it. Some are more convenient. Getting corrections over cellular is extremely convenient, Radio can be more hassle but no monthly cost.

But regardless of how you get them, agio is a powerful tool saving the cost of a dedicated ntrip client modem.

RTK is worth it.

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No just Standard ublox an mb i think it’s name
But off course you must do the field from a side.
If you take every second track and come back, then they are not on line any more, because of satellites drift.

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Maybe satellites drift less in northern Europe than other places in the world. Here about 30 to 50 cm pr hour.
My fields are mostly 5 min long so drift pr track are 3 to 6 cm. so not as bad as hand driving.
But I have rtk now, so tracks stay from day to day.


dual antenna cannot creat RTK so no meaning

i think the best
1 for base & 1 for rover and internet between

you can check what’s happen in france
check this post

and result in france with https://centipede.fr/

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Thank you all for your comments! As you suggested i will set up at RTK setup with a compass in the tractor. I’m waiting for a esp32 to arrive in the mail today, so i try to setup the esprtk, and see if i can get i all to work.
Thank you all :slight_smile: