Dual MPU or other dual imu

hello people, seeing the current situation when it comes to getting imu, is it possible to achieve an improvement with two mpu?

@PotatoFarmer bench tested this I think, he can correct me if I am wrong, but the dual setup took the average values of each. So I could see some benefit to it, but if mounted in similar positions, the average should be very close to the actual.

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Dual Bno085. There should be some at mouser.ca in September.

But no mowing for at least a week, more rain. So cant swap to test it dual again. Been just messing with regular Panda

The dual really only affects heading, as roll is set at 1. Its just a oddity of upgrading an existing Loaded V2 board to Panda.

@Keegan4123 @PotatoFarmer Tanks first of all for answering, my “idea” or thought is to be able to choose imus from the market and improve using two.

If you can somehow get a BNO one will do just fine 98% of the time its on the ball.

The only reason I am messing with two is seeing if any portion of the last 2% of performance can be aquired.

Did you try having one with magnetometer on other off ? With magnetometer one on roof other on axel less exposed to sideways movement, average should be better ?

I only learned that they still are both being read.

Need to log more mowing hours to see if there is any real difference. Also working on ppk recordings to be able to record fieldwork and be able to prove pass to pass performance.

But to my eyes and inner ear, regular Panda works great