Ethernet router suggestions

Hi all, didn’t think finding a cheap 4 port ethernet only router would be tricky but after some suggestions for which ones people have used

Most routers with Wi-Fi can disable wifi in the settings. Or this one, it has even 4g and a button to turn off wifi. TP-Link TL-MR64004G LTE - 4G N Standard - 802.11n
Model name: TL-MR64004G LTE

Do you really need a router? For a basic UDP network, without the need to connect other networks, an Ethernet switch would be sufficient. Any simple 5-port could do. Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) is enough. Netgear, TP-Link etc. are the usual suspects. But you can find modular ones as well.

Your right I don’t, totally forgot I can run a switch without a router to manage everything

Yes, it is possible, but the problem is NTRIP client, if you plug in a 3G / 4G modem on a tablet, it will get a specific address, which is probably not on the same subnet with AutoSteer, you would have to modify AutoSteer.ino code to be in the same sabnet as your modem, but there is a possibility of IP conflict, since the modem is unaware of other devices on the network. I hope you understand me

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In general a Windows host can have multiple networkinterfaces and IP adresses residing in mutiple networks. I would not bring both networkadapters in the same network. (why broadcast PGN’s to the world) Windows maintains its own routing table. (check it with cmd, route print) The 4G adapter will probably set itself as default route, but that does not stop the internal network from working. In theory an IP conflict could occur, however, I expect ISP’s to avoid using for their carrier grade NAT since this the most widely used private subnet in home networks.

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This is great, the router is not needed, just a switch is enough.
and enter a static IP address on the network card.
I generally didn’t think about this, it saves a lot of money and simplifies setup…

Would it be possible to install that even without a switch if I connect Arduino and tablet with a crossover cable?

I would expect so.

If it’s a gigabit adapter you shouldn’t need a crossover cable as it can switch the wires internally, some 100mbps adapters can as well but it isn’t required by their spec so not all

I’ve thought for a while that most of our Ethernet cables should be crossover cables by default. They would be compatible with both those devices that need it and those that can auto negotiate.