F9P Ardusimple SBAS Question

I am using Aortner latest Rover config for my F9P with 1.13 firmware. I am also running RTK corrections via NTRIP from another F9P Base. Can I enable SBAS in my Rover so if I lose RTK I still have some form of correction service? Does this affect RTK at all or will the receiver automatically revert to SBAS when RTK signal is lost?

Unless your right next to a WAAS ground station, and also have your base coordinates PPP’ed to WGS84, when you drop out of RTK you will jump due to datum offset. It is unavoidable.

The further you are from any correction source the greater the offset due to measurement dilution, and in WAAS case increased time drift as well.

F9P is dual band has less error using all constellations uncorrected than using WAAS as a correction source. But can still use the SBAS satellites for position only if in view.

The surveyors on Emlid forum really are informative to talk to. This is why I keep WAAS off, a slow wander in autonomous is better than a big jump between correction systems.

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