F9p sbas

I have an F9P running with NTRIP corrections through rtk2go. Can I enable SBAS in my f9p so if NTRIP is lost I can fall back on WAAS ? Currently when RTK is lost I drop down to single gps. If I enable SBAS will this cause issues with my RTK via NTRIP ?

I’ve done a little bit of testing with this and the SBAS seems to work well. The only thing I’ve noticed though is you need to disconnect your NTRIP app otherwise it’ll continue to try to get back to an RTK Fix, so it’s not an automatic fall back. You essentially have to choose one or the other.

Unless you match datums you will jump.

With all constellations enabled, f9p autonomous outperforms WAAS.

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I will stick with autonmous. I was having issues last year with major pass to pass accuracy when I was running single gps. Obviously RTK solves that issue but I wanted a fall back incase we lose our NTRIP server mid field. I dont mind moving the AB line but the single gps repeatablity pass to pass was awful. I am using the 1.13 rover config that we have on github. The other question I have is how do the commercial units keep the RTK corrections alive for so long ?? The f9p time to live is very short compared to commercial units that claim to hold fix for days sometimes. I dont need days but a few hours would be nice.

Trimble will switch to xFill when RTK corrections are lost. xFill is a correction signal broadcast from satellites, it’s not as good as RTK, but it’s still a correction signal. That means your lines are straighter than WAAS and the line won’t jump a bunch as RTK corrections flicker in and out.

Deere does the same thing, but it’s called RTK-X.

I’m not sure about other companies.

The X signal has a time limit. For Trimble it’s 20 minutes. For Deere it’s 15 minutes. I don’t know of anyone that claims days.

I imagine that those OEMs lease the x signal from a third party and that’s why there’s a time limit. The signal is similar or maybe the same as the 1 year RTK-SSR subscription that ardusimple is offering with some receivers now.

I don’t really have a solution for you. Maybe you could the RTK-SSR subscription, I think it’s $30/month. Maybe you can add a redundancy to your base station. Maybe you can add a portable radio repeater. Maybe there’s free base station corrections close enough nearby that you can use to limp through if your base goes down.

The commercial units fall back to premium satellite based corrections like rtx.

Thanks for the info!! My base is fairly rock solid honestly and if things went south it is only roughly 5km away from our farm so I can drive back if need be. I was just curious how the commercial units approach this. JD now claims rtk extend will hold accuracy for up to 14days after loss of base station. Some kind of voodoo I imagine hahah!