Feedback on suitability of alternative motor for AOG

Hi! As I understand it, the phidget 3269_2 (replaced by 3269_3) is the preferred standard motor recommended for AOG.

Somebody from the combine forum indicated sometime back that the DC 12V 300RPM Geared Motor High Torque 37GB-550 Gear Reducer Motor (see image below) can be an alternative option. Any opinion?

Also, can said motor be controlled directly by the cytron md13s included in ortner’s AgOpenGps – Autosteer – Developer Set Configurator board.


If you go for gear system you can make gear on motor bigger for low rpm high torque motors to get ratio similar to phidgets motor systems.

There are many 12v motors, they can work for AOG but question is their reliability in autosteer rapid back and forth movement, time and $$ to make mount, gears… to find out that motor can’t handle that.

Some members have success with alternative motors look around in other topics.

Cytron md13s is 13A this motor is 6A so it should work, (Unload Current:20A)

Good points. Thx