Field Coordonates

Does anyone know where Agopen stores the initial coordinates for the fields?

When I created my Fields, I drove them with my pickup. Being the efficient individual I am, whenever I finished mapping a boundary, I immediately set up the next field, before actually driving to it. So basically this has totally messed up the drive in feature of the field. When I click “drive in” it actually loads the next field that I had mapped.

I tried changing the coords in the field file and the elevation file, but that didn’t change the initial starting point. At least not in simulation mode.

I did try creating a new field with the kml file for the boundry, and this worked, however, I then loose all of my flags, and other information.

I’m hoping someone (Brian?) can tell me where I can make that information change.

Unless things changed in the last six months, there should be a file called “Field.txt” inside the folder for the field. The coordinates are latitude and longitude in there, just after the line that says “StartFix”

Yeah, I did change that to the proper coordinates, but it didn’t seem to change anything. At least not in simulator mode. Maybe real world will be different. I’ll give it a try.