First Build Progress

First attempt at AOG build…Wanted to share my progress with the group… As well as say thank you to everyone who has answered my questions !! This is our Ford 846 4 wheel drive tractor, out of all the equipment we own I feel this was the most complex due to the center articulate nature of this beast. Still waiting on a gear for my steer motor then I can mount it permanently and begin field testing !! If anyone can point out any mistakes that’d be great !

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Your wheel angle sensor mounted to the cab? Looks good so far, I was contempating not using my hydraulic block on my 876 as the hydraulics already leave something to be desired

Yep WAS mounted to cab as fixed point. Hoping to try hydraulic control on our JD 4555 this is just the test tractor.

Great looking set up. Nicely done. I had one question/concern for your setup…Where you mounted your GPS antenna on the nose, is that steel? If it is fiberglass or plastic you might want to put a ground plane made of steel underneath.

Did you use little brass stand-offs on the MMA and ADS1115? if so did you drill through the circuit board to attach? i used a few plastic stand offs and had been thinking of drilling maybe one hole per board to make it a little more sturdy but wasn’t sure if it would hit a circuit line! :flushed: :flushed:

Also the red wire from the NC terminal on the cytron board, is it necessary to attach or not? I’ve seen another with it not attached, what is its purpose?

It is all steel … Do you think it will be ok or should I make a metal disc and place underneath?/

I used brass stand offs and put a little dab of silicone on the side that contacts the PCB to act as a vibration buffer and hold both in place…I did not drill any additional holes. I did not use the red wire and everything seems to function ok.

Also reason for putting the antenna towards the front of the hood was that is how it is shown in AOG examples.

Thanks, think i need to get the caulk gun out, they wiggle about a bit much for my liking at the min,

Yep and the top side has a nut on it so i can remove the mini boards and the stand offs should stay in place.

I think you’re golden because it’s steel underneath. They don’t make them like that anymore.

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Yep can’t beat old tractors !!

Hi good looking setup did you 3D print the gear on the steering wheel or do you have a supplier if so could you share the details

I used just a plain ole plastic starter gear off a briggs 5hp motor. Can be bought off amazon or ebay very cheap !

Brilliant nice and simple thanks