FJ dyna

You can watch it with subtitles, after watching this, I see how professional AOG is once again, the only thing we’re missing is an affordable hub (BLDC) motor.

I still read Turkish as poorly as I speak it. :joy:

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Really bad straight line. :joy: :joy: :joy:

But the cm off the line in the monitor cant really be true with such a bad performance??

Looks like he’s fitted the WAS. We were told to not fit it as it actually makes steer worse, so we didn’t. It works well without it. AOG standard? Probably not and the interface is way more rudimentary.

Works with an F9P base.

Fitted for a friend. I wouldn’t buy it but for someone with no electronic/computer experience or confidence, not a bad option. Biggest fitting issue is routing and hiding the ridiculously big connectors. I cut some off and joined the cables.

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Maybe he didn’t fix the implement well too. This often happens when you are a beginner with these systems.

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