FJ Dynamics WAS

Hello Everyone

This is the first of many posts, manly asking for help; sorry! Thinking of having a go at doing a AgOpen GPS hydraulic autosteer system on my Fendt 820.

Noticed the ease of the FJ Dynamics wheel angle sensor and wondered if this could be used with AgOpen GPS.

If anyone could shed some light it would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


That’s an IMU based wheel angle sensor right? No linkages?

AgOpenGPS is not setup to do wheel angle sensing that way.

The FJD Was angle is described here, from page 21

It seems similar to the one we use with AgOpenGps.

I think the sensor in the first post matches the “attitude sensor” on page 26 of your manual, not the “hall angle sensor” on page 21.

what is an altitude angle sensor I wonder?

Attitude, not altitude.

Attitude - the orientation of an aircraft or spacecraft, relative to the direction of travel.

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:slight_smile: thanks - I get it now so they calculate the wheel angle rather than measure it.

I fitted one of these systems a while back. The supplier recommended NOT fitting the supplied WAS as it worked better without it.

Is your 820 steer ready?

No, mine is not autosteer ready. It’s a 2010 model.