Gathering for Open Ag Tech in Rhinebeck NY, apply by August 5th!

Hi all - I don’t post much here but do follow. We’re organizing the 2nd Gathering for Open Ag Tech on Oct 2 - 7th in Rhinebeck NY. and we’d love to have you apply or learn more here!

This is an unconference with a really diverse set of ag tech related folks, and it’d be amazing to have people from the open ag gps community there.

You can also use the 4th and 5th days as a Team Day just to discuss topics your community/org wants to talk about, and engage others in the GOAT community around issues important to you - design sessions, brainstorming, feedback, feature development, etc. Just let us know in your application.

We already have OpenTEAM, USDA ARS, Our Sci, Element 84, Regen Network, Purdue, and a bunch more going.

If you need financial assistance you can specify that in your application too - we’d rather have you apply even if you need support!

Apply now!

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