Getting nmea signal from a Starfire itc

I try to get a nmea signal from a JD ITC antenna but have trouble to get it to send it.
I have run ITC config on my laptop and they connect but when I press gga it doesn’t except it and can’t change to 5hz.
And I don’t get a nmea string in agopengps.
Are there anyone who has a idea where I done wrong.

I’ve only every configured NMEA through the john deere monitor interface.

Could it be a baud rate issue?

It work now. I had to put a number in for aft.
I now run gga in 5hz and 38400baud

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How have you connected the starfire itc to your laptop/tablet

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I have made a cabel from dutch to rs232 that also have pover to the antenna and then you can by one from rs232 to usb

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could you please be more specific with how you used the jd itc?
what do you mean jd itc config?
can you connect to and use the itc without the jd monitor?
you made a cable to connect directly to itc with rs232?

Once the ITC is configured to for NMEA output on the serial port, it should run without a JD monitor. There maybe software that can be used with the serial port to configure the ITC, but I’m not familiar with it. Normally I would use the John Deere monitor to configure it for the baud rate I need, and the type and rate of NMEA message(s) to put on the serial line.

The cable is pretty simple. One end is a Deutsch DT series 12-pin connector that plugs into the starfire. Then three of those pins connect to a DB9 RS232 serial port connector. I’m not sure the exact pinout and I can’t find it online, but I’ll take a look my my tractor in a bit and put the pin out here.

Page 14 of this document should get you what you want in terms of a pinout.


Here’s what I have done so far.
I got the 3000 hooked up to the laptop I had previously configured it on a 2630 greenstar monitor to GGA at 19200 5hz. AOG is recognising that the receiver is connected when I had AOG running it’s still saying that the NMEA is at the initial setting.
Any Suggestions

Sorry I have been busy with the drill.
I have used this software to configure my antenna white a laptop.

And pinout from the folder above…
I then have a db9 to usb adaptor to contact it to my laptop power is feed separately.

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I have this working with a StarFire 6000, but not sure what messages need to be turned on ? I have all of them on at the moment image

EDIT: Sorry I misread.

You need GGA at least, but RMC is good too. Actually all of them are fine. AOG will ignore messages it does not need or know.