GNSS zero turn dual drive electric motors using audusimple, Base station with Rover with LoRa

Hello all,
Im extremely interested in everything about AgOpenGPS as I have been using another platform being mission planner with pixhawk cube with sabertooth 2x32 and was able to get centimetre accuracy.
However i now want to move towards a more industrial level application if permitted .
I’m typing on a macbook so just learnt that this is all PC based, that is all fine.
after watching some youtube movies of the GUI and must say this looks outstanding with a very intuitive GUI outline. another exciting potential is to start learning Canbus and integrate this into my platform. I’m also looking at waypoint event applications such as post holes and built an automated fence builder among other options.

My question is what is the best way to start in the way of hardware, what is the most suitable PCB etc.
I’m based in Melbourne Australia based on a small block so I will be testing CM accuracy just to get up to speed.
It would be very much appreciated if anyone is willing to guide me towards the best electronic hardware please and thankyou in advanced