Gps feed to snip

Hello all

im look to feed gps data into snip can anyone help with a gps steam that is reliable

Can you clarify a bit. Sounds like you do not have your own GNSS (GPS) receiver as a base station. If you are considering an existing correction signal, you should not need to feed that to SNIP but you can use it as it is. Actually you should only forward your own stream (where you have full rights).

Perhaps you were after something completely different?

hello was wondering if you could stream virtual data as a stream to snip to test

can you do this with agopen gps for testing

Is your intention to test the snip service or are you planning to test agopengps?

I’m not sure SNIP would try to check if the stream messages are “real” as long as the messages have been correctly built. You could probably capture a stream and then send it in a loop if there is no intention to obtain a real RTK fix with that corrections stream.

AOG is not transmitting the stream to SNIP but receiving it and then forwarding it to the “local” GNSS receiver (rover).

i see was going to set up my own caster and was going to test the caster first before buy a base station to feed it

i was thinking i could use a virtual signal for testing

SNIP caster or something else? If your caster takes a stream from a serial port, you could emulate a real base by an NTRIP client the feeds a stream to a serial port. Then feed that stream to your caster.

If your caster reads the stream over IP, you could use a copy of SNIP to forward a stream to your caster.

But I don’t think you have to worry about the caster. One way or the other you will make it work with your base. There are many existing discussions on that topic that have ended successfully.

yes was going to use a Snipp caster but do you know of a better one ?

It all depends on so many issues. I mainly use the BKG caster on a linux computer but I have SNIP too. SNIP has more features but the linux caster is very reliable. I’m sure there are many better ones today.

will have a look do you have any links to the best computer to use or can it be put on a windows server ok ?

@jonnyg You should be able to Relay someone else’s NTRIP stream with SNIP.