GPS problems

Hi all,
I have had a problem lately where my GPS will sometimes not connect at start up, and at other times during the day. It will change between GPS single, DGPS, Float and RTK. Will suddenly drop RTK then to GPS single, then also to, ??? Not. Then maybe half hour later it will come back on again, and eventually to RTK. Then it will run fine for maybe an hour and then drop off again? This in the middle of a field and nowhere near trees.
Would anybody have any ideas as to the problem please?
Thank you.

Which GPS? Which constellations in use? The base also supports the same constellations?

I understand the GNSS receiver used to work fine? No HW issues, broken antenna wire etc? Check your correction signal latency.

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Hi, i have two f9ps. Base at the farm running on a laptop through Snip and rtk2go. Rover on the tractor and using a surface pro. Ran fine in the spring but started playing up when sowing Rape. Flits around from one state to another- yesterday was doing it every 5 minutes
No obvious wiring issues but I have a spare ublox antenna I guess I should try first. Quite often it will run in Float for a long time and never get to RTK. I wondered if the f9p could have lost its config or needed new firmware?

I use Andreas config.

Ps sometimes it won’t even come up as gps single - just the four ??? And ‘not’

Ps read a post that mentions problems after windows updates ?

How is cell service in your area?

What kind of correction times are you getting is it 1 second or less?

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Probably not the update, because com port disappear.
But what speed do you have for com ports?

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Cell service very good but how do I check the corrections speed please ?
Also how to check com port speed please ! ?

Com port speed is what you set it to in agio. Mine runs best at 115000

I’m using 4.3 still Larsvest. ?

You are still able to set/select the speed in com setup /connection

Thank you - I’ll try it tomorrow along with a new antenna

Thank you everyone for your help/advice.
Tried today with a new ublox antenna and everything started working as it should again !
So guess either the actual antenna has gone faulty or the cable has broken or damaged somewhere on its way back from the front of the bonnet.

Wonder if this could be my problem, I have been having ongoing GPS issues for quite a while!

Hi Darren, ‘hardwired’ my new one to the front of bonnet this morning and found a place where the old cable was chafed a little (even though it was in protective split sheathing). Reckon it has been grounding out now and then.