Handle AB Lines different

Since i am not the only one with the “wish” I just copy-paste the topic from the AgOpenGPS International Telegram Group:

I think it would be great to have the AB Points never be changed by the AB Line Settings.
Think of the following:
Tractor goes to the field and got an implement with 3m width. He needs to move the AB Line by 1,5m to get away from the boundary.
2 month later he uses an implement with 9m. But the user doesn’t know who was on the field before with which implement. So how could he know, how much he needs to move the AB Line. From the original line - 4,5m - but from the line where it is now… don’t know :wink:

With the GPS systems i know (Fendt/Autofarm) the AB Line stays always the same and you only move the line for that moment. The offset is displayed on the screen. So it is easy to document and on every pass, everyone is at the same start point.

i changed the old AgOpenGPS version to save a “corrected by x cm” value to the AB Line. For our farm, this is the most practical principle. If other users experience the same problem, we could maybe change the way the AB Lines are saved.

i hope the thing i want to say is clear :joy:

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What I like to do with our old Autofarm 5001 system is to make ab lines along the side of the field on the border. Then I might that line over half of the implement width. I can use the same lines for all the various implements.

You can line up the line on the boundary you desire and then click 1/2 tool width over. This is used for trams as well, same technique.

With AB Line especially the heading never changes so it is quite simple to move the line based on boundary distance.

But, without a boundary it is different again. V5 AB Line edit allows you to save, for now, or revert back to what was saved initially. The value in the line edit button shows the offset.

so in effect, what you have asked for can already easily be done allowing anyone to to any method they prefer.

You can also drive a long the field edge with tool at edge of field, and just hit snap to pivot thereby setting up the line exactly where it should be.

During none of these operations is the line heading changed, so in effect, never changes.