How to use CORS station

So i have a wisconsin state dot rtk station 40km away, how does one go about connecting to it, do i need to call someone and get info about it? Sorry, I’m pretty green at this yet. I was planning on building my own, but if i have one that close, i figured i may as well use it for now anyway just to get me up and running. Also, what kind of accuracy could i expect?

You have to setup an account at this link.
WISCORS Network Web - Create Account . Its good for 3 years and then you will have to renew your account. Its free and worked good for me where i was. Which is 25 km away from a site. They will email your login info and other setup info once you register.

Thanks :+1:

Do you still get the correction over internet?

I am planing on using kentuckys this year. Yes I put my phone in hotspot and let the tough pad connect to it with wifi and enter your info in the ntrip part of aoig.

Was it pretty easy? Sounds like it was. Have you done any testing yet? How far are you from the base?

Once I got the correct login info from KY it was easy , KY offers about 6 mount points I just kept trying till one connected.
Im about 25 miles from the station.
I tested a little in open field seems to run track for track when you follow the same path multi times.

So could you explain the whole mount points thing? Im currently trying to get connected.

There looks to be about 10 different ones.

and is it as simple as turning on ntrip and putting in the info? Or is there still other things you have to do? Such as using esp32?

not sure how the system your state uses works. Do they have a contact number to call ?

I got it, seems to be running well thanks