Hydraulic steer JD 7720 (not autotrac ready)


I am starting get AOG autosteer operating on my JD 7720. I have been using AOG for a year now as lightbar guidance only. I am now ready to install the autosteer on the tractor. I have assemble the pcbv2 and have a Cytron MD13s motor controller. My tractor is NOT gps ready and does not have any factory installed auto steer equipment.

I am considering the jump straight to Hyd steer instead of installing the electric motor in the cab. My question is if I purchase a JD valve to go directly on the steering orbital, will I be able to use it? electro-hydraulic-steering-control-valve-used-430784_4u093daqivi8_1 JD part # RE333004
Which .ino do I need to use?

I am confused by all the different valve and controls referenced to in the many other threads I have read thru. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hello FarmerNeil we have many good guys in hydraulics here… See @baraki using CETOP valves…
quite fair and cheap solution…

I also have this exact question. We have one 7730 and one 7930, both autotrac ready. Would be very interested in a solution to using the valve you mentioned.

Autotrac ready should means equipped with proportionnal valve PWM or canvus controled. Integrated on orbitrol or outside of it…

Yes correct, though, I don’t know if anyone has figured out how to control the valve if it is canbus-controlled?

Perhaps @CommonRail has some input on this matter?

The valve you have pictured is for a combine. It’s open center and wont work on your tractor. The valve you want looks identical and bolts onto the orbital. Definitely the way I would go. Very clean install.
I have the ino to run on v4.3.10 for USB and udp both. After Brian gets 4.6 released, i will try to modify it for Danfoss as well.
Am waiting on a quote from a Danfoss dealer for new valves. Supposed to be way less expensive than from Deere. Will post when i know.
I will check to see if this company offers parts as well. It only takes a couple of minutes to swap the spool valve, and that used one is a big savings. ( I bought the same valve myself before I knew, so I need a spool also, hehehe)

@Jhmach can you share how to tell if the valve is OC or CC? Also do you have a danfoss part number for the valve?

Type in your tractor model then select the version then type in autotrac in the search and choose it from the list to get part number.
All of the combines are open center as far as I know 9770 etc.

If you don’t find it, send your model info and I’ll look it up tonight

This valve is not a CAN-BUS type, it’s the Danfoss model that uses voltage to control it. I have no experience using it.

BlockquoteThis valve is not a CAN-BUS type, it’s the Danfoss model that uses voltage to control it. I have no experience using it.

@CommonRail So, it should be possible to control this valve with pwm(ibt2)? If so, thats good news :slight_smile:

Yes, pretty sure that’s what they do. It’s not made for PWM tho, they just the PWM to make the voltage and it seems to work OK. Looks like @Jhmach is the one to copy here

Yes, you can use IBT2, but the Cytron MD13S is what the pcb was designed around. The code works very well with Cytron and Danfoss.
Yes again, those model valves have a PVES head with four wires. connect 12v to Udc, PWM from cytron to Us, And ground to the ground(from the PCB ground, not the tractor)
4th is feedback for Deere system, and not used for AOG.
There is a pinout maybe on discourse, and i think a good picture of the pinout in the wiki.



This is the code we modified to work with cytron.

Spend a little time reading this post, it will clear a lot up.

I have completed a folder with v4.3.10 and the ino for usb and udp for danfoss valves, but I don’t know how to offer it as a link.
If someone could offer some knowledge.

See if this works please. It is what I’m using with Cytron driver.


I have not fitted AOG to my 7930 yet so it is still running greenstar. I fitted a kit from john deere to make it autosteer ready. You have to swap the whole orbital. Check the attached scan of the install manual. The part number says it is for a european valve. (I am in the UK) I don’t know if you will need a different valve. You need to order some new hoses and tee into the brake load sense line. You also have to swap the steering column to get the turn sensors for disabling the autosteer. Might be better to figure out another way as it is probally expensive part. If you want I can scan the install docs for the steering column.

The link is working. Thanks, may have a go at converting the 7930 when I get all the currently non autosteer machines sorted.

Lot of work. The smaller 7x20 and 7x30 have the valve mounted to the frame on the right side under the cab. The priority valve had plugs in the bottom for power beyond, so plumbing was easy. Might be worth a look

Thank you for the information, cleared up so many questions! :slight_smile:

@Jhmach Sounds like you are trying to do the exact same as me. Installing a danfoss valve onto the steer orbital on a tractor that didn’t have 1 before. After reading thru the thread you suggested, I am now wondering about a steering wheel encoder. What is your plan for this on your tractor? Please keep us posted on your progress with a aftermarket supply for the danfoss valve.

I mounted my valve to the frame on my 7330 hi-crop. I bought a used valve with the correct part number. used the OEM wheel angle sensor, but ran a new wire. I do not have a steering sensor on it, nor plan to. have been running everything on usb, but switched pcb to ethernet due to ports not recognizing or switching all the time. That’s the reason for the ino that i put the link to earlier. Am ordering components to connect dual gps stack via ethernet as well, since Matthias has written the code for it. Mounted the same valve on the end of my priority valve on a 7600 as well. I love how smooth these Danfoss valves are.