Hydraulic valve question

I have a 4 line orbital that I’m want to put a valve on. Can I use a proportional LS valve and just plug the LS port?

I don’t understand how you want to do it.
Draw a connection diagram.

No, LS have closed center but you most likely need a open center valve

Thanks @Bullhill I hadn’t thought that through.

@baraki this isn’t for one of your valves but I treasure your understanding of hydraulics.

I am thinking of a schematic like below. Can I use a proportional valve or does that close the tank line causing pressure increase if only using a small amount of steer?

Is it possible to use a pressure sensor with this type of open center system?

Theoretically your layout is correct but in practice the type of slider you want to use is not suitable for an autoster. The steering will be very inaccurate and you won’t get a straight line. You need to use a slider that has all the ports cut off in the middle position, only this will ensure smooth steering

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Just want to point out one aspect of this design.

This design will bring the orbitol steering valve T port to full system pressure if the autosteer valve brings the steering to full lock.

T ports aren’t always rated to full system pressure.

As a general design choice it would be better to place the autosteer valve ahead of the steering orbitol, and to design the autosteer valve’s T port to full system pressure.