Got a Kverneland Geospread fertiliser spreader with section control. I don’t think i can control the sections through AOG but it doesn’t matter though, i just upload field maps onto the ISOmatch control box, it will adjust the spread pattern automatically. Converting KML to ISOXML just takes a few minutes with a spreadsheet. Then save as TASKDATA.XML and upload to spreader.

Would like to put the fertiliser on as accurately as possible with these stupid prices. We have a few electric pylons in some fields, so want to create some internal boundarys. Does anybody know what attributes to set to make an internal boundary in XML?

Guessing I’ll have to create another polygon inside the partfield , but what attribute to set to make it recognize as internal?

<ISO11783_TaskData VersionMajor="3" VersionMinor="0"
	<FRM A="FRM-1" B="Lodge Farm"/>
	<PFD A="PFD-5" C="12 acre" D="45187">
		<PLN A="1" C="45187">
			<LSG A="1">
				<PNT A="2" C="52.5856935" D="-1.3764904"/>
				<PNT A="2" C="52.5856861" D="-1.3765767"/>
				<PNT A="2" C="52.5856674" D="-1.3766413"/>
				<PNT A="2" C="52.5856352" D="-1.3766996"/>