JLCPCB question

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to build my first AOG project. Could someone help me understand this:

What does the 0 quantity mean? Does it mean that we don’t need it at all?

I think it means they don’t have that component in stock.
The teensy should be bought somewhere else. And then you can add it yourself

Digikey just got a shipement of them in. But better be fast I have been looking for these for a long time.

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Thank you, Jef!

That means there is no stock of those components.

It’s a 5v regular for the teensy and a 3.3v regulator for the micro. You’ll need both those components to have a functioning board.

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This mean you just buy the missing components as standard through hole, from somewhere else, and solder them to the pcb after you get it from jlcpcb
All components has two possible choices, smd or through hole

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do you need to specify through hole when they dont have the parts ?

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Lars!

No they will just leave it out and you then order and solder the relevant part THT part yourself.

You have to do a fair bit of soldering even if JLCPCB have all the SMD parts as they do not supply the Teensy, Cytron, BNO085, Ampseal socket etc…

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i wanted to order a all in one pcb from JLC but 13 parts arent avalible and i can’t find them on digikey or somewhere else. any one that sales a all in one pcb or knows a site where I can order everything at once?

You will be able to get everything from Digi-key apart from Cytrons which are out of stock almost everywhere at the moment. You will have to use substitutes as the exact part JLCPCB use may not be available, not a bad thing as you can upgrade to high quality brand if you prefer.
Lots of the missing parts are headers and JLCPCB are not good at soldering headers aligned correctly, so its a bonus if you have to solder these yourself.

I have a micro ampseal aio spare if you.intrested.


  1. JLCPCB probably works with Electronic Components Distributor - LCSC Electronics and BOM list contains those codes. For example C50984 is C50984 BOOMELE(Boom Precision Elec) | C50984 - LCSC Electronics.

  2. Almost all theese part are generic. So you take description of product from LSCS and look for it on DigiKey(as I did). Just look in category. For example in headers or jumpers. And apply some filters.

  3. If you lacking parts after Digikey you can find them on Mouser, Aliexpress and Amazon(Last two could be more expensive). Maybe ebay?

P.S. I did it by myself. But I’m a first timer. Therefore I could be wrong.

Hi, This is also my first AOG assembly too. I am experiencing a similar problem. A number of parts are not in stock with JLCPCB. Is it worth my while to order the boards now or would I be better off to wait until they have all in stock?
11 components, most of which are required many times are unavailable.
Also, does 174 euro for 5 boards seem like a reasonable price?

I’m asking myself the same thing. I only want one board so I’d gladly buy it from someone who already did all or most of the shopping. I can install the major components myself.

If anyone from Poland is interested, I can sell 2 boards.